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Governance in the cloud requires defining policies and implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles for t...


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Governance in the cloud requires defining policies and implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles for the responsibility of information technology management, business processes and applications as these elements are moved out of the traditional IT environment and into the cloud. This short-term course is designed for IT professionals to manage their regulatory issues occurring in their business due to cloud enterprise. It addresses the need of governance in the Cloud industry, various aspects to be considered in cloud governance, various delivery models and its respective solutions in cloud governance, and data privacy and security issues on the cloud.


Module 1 : Governance in Cloud Industry Standards

Organisations and Groups associated with Cloud Computing, Need for IT Governance in Cloud Computing, Cloud Governance Solution: Access Controls, Financial Controls, Key Management and Encryption, Logging and Auditing, API Integration

Module 2 : Cloud Governance High-level Requirements

Important Aspects in Cloud Governance, Key Dimensions of Cloud Governance, Activities, SPOT framework

Module 3 : Cloud Governance for different delivery models

Private, Public,  Hybrid and Community, Cloud Governance Solutions, IT Disintermediation, Cloud-centric, IT Leadership Principles

Module 4 : Legal Issues in Cloud Computing

Legal Issues: Data Privacy and     Security Issues, Cloud Contracting Models, Contracting Issues, Data Security, Jurisdiction Issues on Virtualisation and Data Location, Legal Issues in Commercial and Business Considerations, Compliance Issues

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss how Cloud Computing Standards Organisations and Groups ensure that different providers are able to work together
  • Explain the impact of Cloud Computing on corporate IT governance
  • Review the contract terms with a cloud service provider
  • Summarise the importance of Cloud governance solution, legal risks and considerations in Cloud.

Who Should Attend?

  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Bachelors of Computer Application
  • Master of Computer Applications
  • Bachelors of Science

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Job Prospects

  • Cloud Specialist
  • Linux Administrator
  • Technical Specialist
  • System Administrator
  • System Engineer


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Certificate in Cloud Governance Specialist” certificate.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'.