Mobile Based IVR System

Problem Statement - Mobile based IVR system (interactive voice response system)Challenge description with context - Must have...

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Problem Statement - Mobile based IVR system (interactive voice response system)

Challenge description with context - Must have knowledge of mobile OS, Voice, DTMF detection and Android OS code level changes may require.

Problem - It is mostly android application, application pick up the call and play voice-prompt for accessing information like railway or bank. And user press appropriate DTMF to access details or give voice-messages.

Users - Anyone, who need automation in customer-service, vendor-query that is completely database driven, no need to spare time of human, works 24x7

Expected Outcomes - Working demo of IVR, like 1) detect DTMF, 2) play voice 3) take-call 4) disconnect call 5) record voice.

Probable Discipline – Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics