Communication Proficiency

In this course, the foundation of the scientific art of communication is described and explained in detail. The participants...


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In this course, the foundation of the scientific art of communication is described and explained in detail. The participants get an idea of the concepts governing communication proficiency and the principles that the modern professional has to learn and adopt for successful communication strategies. This subject intends to sharpen the participant’s skills in reading for comprehension, reading for review and reading for study. This course also stresses the importance and significance of effective official correspondence and explains to the participants the need to follow communication etiquette in the work place. The need here is to develop positive body language, better verbal and non-verbal skills to break the barrier and get across to the listener. Effective Speaking covers an array of speaking skills including development of voice, tone, and speech delivery. Listening is the most critical skill in communication proficiency and it is important for learners to develop this skill fairly early in their career.


Module 1: Reading Skills

Introduction, Types of reading, Reading for comprehension, review and study, Reading a business document, Reading an email, Reading for information

Module 2: Writing Skills

Introduction to writing skills, Components of written communication, Essay Writing, Note Making, Paraphrasing and Rewriting techniques

Module 3: Importance of writing skills with effective official correspondence

Importance and significance of effective official correspondence, Communication etiquette, Language of responsibility and adaptability, Official Correspondence with Letter writing, E- mails, Official Correspondence 2 with Writing notes on files, Official circulars and notices, Agenda preparation, Official Correspondence 3-Officialcircularsandnotices, SOP

Module 4: Speaking Skills

Introduction and Components of good speaking, Phonetics, Developing Content, Effective speaking and enhancing your skills, applying speaking skills

Module 5: Listening Skills

Introduction to Listening, Mindful and Intentional Listening, Types Of Listening, Barriers To Effective Listening, Retention Of Key Information and Problem Solving Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret reading for comprehension, review and study
  • Apply the importance of language in communication
  • Demonstrate professionalism through the concepts and guides skills in written communication
  • List the uses of speaking skills
  • Demonstrate the need to develop one’s listening skills

Who Should Attend?

  • Any Graduate, U/G and Post Graduate

Job Prospects 

  • Soft Skill Trainer
  • Communication Trainer
  • Spoken English Trainer


After completing this course and successfully passing the certification examination, the student will be awarded the “Communication Proficiency” certification.

If a learner chooses not to take up the examination, they will still get a 'Participation Certificate'.