Institutes face several challenges in keeping pace with the rapid changes happening around them. Students demand options along with the latest industry-relevant courses while regulators want compliance. iNurture Skill Centre helps address these challenges. The Skill Centre provides value-added certification courses, soft skills training programmes, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) courses and Faculty Training Programmes. Through the Skill Centre, the Institute can provide greater variety to its students and offer industry-relevant trainings.

Open and Distance Learning

iNurture provides comprehensive services to e-enable universities with their world-class digital content and state-of- the-art Learning Management System (LMS). We assist in student acquisition, branding, establishing connects with industry mentors, and ensuring student engagement through their learning cycle for Distance Education courses. We provide the services on our technology-integrated platform.

Value-added Certifications

iNurturePro certification courses provide industry-relevant training to students. These have been designed by industry experts and are recognised globally. We offer a wide range of courses in Finance, Management, Technology and Soft Skills. We conduct live webinars that are delivered by industry experts. These certifications provide hands-on training and add value to the courses that students are currently pursuing.

Faculty Training Programmes

iNurture trains institute faculty in contemporary and emerging knowledge areas. These training programmes deepen your institute’s intellectual pool, which leads to knowledge creation and innovation and enhances your brand image. These customised training sessions are facilitated by experts from the industry and academia with ample hands-on exercises, activities and case studies.

Soft Skills Training

Each individual carries immense potential, talent and skill. Polishing and fine-tuning one’s ability to interact and communicate with others can help one realise their true potential. Our soft skills courses are holistic and ensure complete learning for a learner. They cover basic grammar and reading skills, developing the right attitude, goal-setting, conflict management and even preparing for interviews.

CBCS Courses

1Institutes have been mandated to provide students variety by offering Choice-Based-Credit-System (CBCS) courses. However, they face several challenges such as scarcity of experienced faculty, lack of content expertise, inadequate infrastructure and outdated technology. iNurture leverages its experience in education and connects with the industry and academia to help your institute tide over these challenges andoffer CBCS courses to your students.

Incubation Services

iNurture helps your institute promote the culture of entrepreneurship among your students. We foster the right support environment for students to ideate and start new ventures and provide a gamut of incubation services to nurture nascent ideas and guide and scale fledgling ventures to greater heights.