iNurture closely works with corporates and helps them address their training and L&D challenges. Our solutions reduce your training cost, improve productivity and help control attrition. You can leverage iNurture’s rich education experience as the knowledge partner with over thirty leading universities.


Companies spend exorbitant sums training fresh graduates before deploying them on the job. eBoarding permits companies to conduct fresher training while they are still in college. This reduces training costs, deployment time and makes them productive sooner. The engagement that takes place during eBoarding also provides insights into possible dropouts permitting pre-emptive action. iNurture leverages its rich training experience and technology for cost-effective eBoarding.


Finding trained resources is always a challenge. We design and develop training programmes and train potential recruits as per your resource requirement. Trained candidates are presented for interview and selection. This reduces training and sourcing costs for the company, resulting in immediate billable resources. Our connections with various universities, allows us to tap into the available resource pool and train them as per your needs.

Continuous Learning

Obsolescence of the existing workforce is a constant challenge for every company.Our value-added, professional certification courses re-skill and up-skill the existing workforce. Your employees will be trained in the latest technologies and advancements as per your business requirements. This in turn enhances the employee’s skill, productivity and morale resulting in improved business results.

Work-integrated Diplomas

Employees are keen to acquire additional qualifications to add to their skills and enhance their resume. Existing opportunities are limited or lack flexibility. By leveraging our tie-ups with over 30 university partners, your employees can learn-while-they- earn and this in turn helps you improve your employee retention rates.

Content Digitisation

At times, training content is not in easily accessible, up-to- date or digitised. We can digitise and enrich your existing training content. Our team of instructional designers will redesign your content in line with the latest scientific design principles including Bloom’s Taxonomy, ARCS’s Theory and Gagne’s 9 Events making your training more effective and interesting.