Fundamentals of Insurance and Risk Management


Blockchain, a revolutionary technology that enables peer-to-peer transfer of digital assets without any intermediaries, and is predicted to be just as impactful as the Internet. More specifically, it prepares learners to program on the Ethereum blockchain. The four courses provide learners with (i) an understanding and working knowledge of foundational blockchain concepts, (ii) a skill set for designing and implementing smart contracts, (iii) methods for developing decentralized applications on the blockchain, and (iv) information about the ongoing specific industry-wide blockchain frameworks.

Course Objectives

This course help learns to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and allow them to create Blockchain strategies and solutions across different functional domains.

It will also provide exposure to different platforms and languages to nurture innovation within the industry. It will also give an overview of  Bitcoin and how it’s used.

The learner will also get to know about the Ethereum development platform and be able to setup their own private Blockchain environment using Ethereum.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, learn should be able to:

·         Understand the Blockchain technology and comprehend its key concepts

·         Gain a deep understanding into Cryptocurrency, its network

·         Understand Ethereum Blockchain and deploy an Ethereum Applications

·         Deploy their own private Blockchain on the web

·         Develop a private Blockchain in MultiChain

·         Discuss the compelling use-cases of Blockchain

·         Interpret the prospects of Blockchain and its uses to  improve your business standards

Module I - Blockchain Fundamentals

Module II - Web Technologies & Programming Fundamentals

Module III - Building Applications - Web, Mobile & Desktop (Optional)

Module IV - Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Module V - Bitcoin and Blockchain

Module VI - Introduction to Ethereum

Module VII - Building Ethereum Applications

Module VIII- Prospects of Blockchain

·         40 hours of high-quality eLearning for each course

·         12 Hrs Face to face delivery

·         High Student Engagement Platform - KRACKiN

·         Student e-Portfolio

·         Project/Case studies

·         Hands-on exercises

·         End module assessments

·         Dedicated Learning Advisors for training

·         24x7 Online LMS

  • Blockchain Data Analyst
  • Product Marketing Lead
  • Product Analyst
  • Finance Operations and Blockchain Manager
  • Blockchain Engineers

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