Tata Technologies is a global leader in engineering services outsourcing and product development IT services to the global manufacturing industry; enabling ambitious manufacturing companies to design and build better products. A company of innovators, specialists in the design engineering space, who apply cutting-edge technology to provide a competitive advantage to customers in the manufacturing sector.

The company is a strategic partner for developing complete vehicles, engineering subsystems and components, managing the new product introduction (NPI) process through collaborative engineering tools, such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and tying together information created and used throughout the extended manufacturing enterprise.

Tata Technologies is headquartered in Singapore, with regional headquarters offices in the United States (Novi, Michigan), India (Pune) and the UK (Coventry) with a combined global work force of more than 8,500 employees serving clients worldwide from facilities in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

To make product development dreams become reality.

To transform product development through deep industry knowledge combined with intelligently different approaches to technology, process, innovation and execution.

To bring better products to market for our customers and for the millions of people around the world who benefit from them.

Direct Ready Engineer Programme (RE) and Distance Ready Engineer Programme

The purpose of the Ready Engineer programme is to bridge the engineering industry talent gap by educating and mentoring aspiring young engineers. The aim is to be a catalyst in reducing the academia-industry gap and ensure that the future engineers are ready for the industry. Supported by Tata Technologies’ online learning platform, iGET IT®, expert engineers give 40 hours of classroom training related to the core mechanical modules to selected and exemplary students. However, the direct ready engineer model faces several challenges such as insufficient time availability of employee volunteers, lack of infrastructure at various colleges, limited Tata Technologies offices, etc., hence in fiscal year 2016, the Company converged all its efforts to increase its reach to the students by leveraging modern technology.

Furthermore, the significant acceptance of the RE model among students and institutes encouraged Tata Technologies to pilot the “Distance Ready Engineer” programme in fiscal year 2015. Implemented through iGET IT®, an online learning platform, this model adopts a “train the trainer” approach to expedite the training deliverables and reach a maximum number of engineering students. A network of professors across three states, including Maharashtra, Karnataka and Jharkhand, have been trained by Tata Technologies’ expert engineers. During fiscal year 2016, the company reached a remarkable, 3,140 students in 24 colleges compared to 218 students in fiscal year 2015.

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